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Coming Up Projects

Taman Cassia

PPAM PROJECT - Simpang Empat, Kedah.

Taman Cassia

Malay Reserved - FREEHOLD

Single Storey Terrace

Single Storey Semi Detached

Taman Cassia is one of the up coming project which located in Northern Region of Malaysia, Simpang Empat, Kedah. 

This project specially build for GOV Staff under PPAM subsidised. Feel Free to contact us is you or your friend is one of the gov staff. Our sales representative always here to serve you. Providing Better Home for a Better Tomorrow.

A Project by GPC Development Sdn. Bhd.

Taman Hijrah-01.jpg
Single Storey Terrace | Build Up: 20'x43.6' | Land size: 20'x70'

Price From: RM199,600

Specially For Government Staff Only

Single Storey Semi D | Build Up: 20'x43.6' | Land size: 20'x70'
6. PLAN LANTAI - TERES (800x600).jpg

28 years of


We have the know-how you need.

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