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jpg picture, clips of your own, video from a trip, cool music video, whatever, it's up to you. YouTube viewers can check any of these for free, but you have to add our channels, for the world to see. Youtube is putting in more ways to punish channels, and creators, to be anti-piracy, they're doing just the opposite, by putting in more ways to make a channel more popular and money for creators. When I started this project, YouTube would not let you monetize a channel, for example, unless you had over 15 million views, if you have 4 million views it's possible that you can monetize it. Now, any channel over 3,000 subscribers, 5,000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000, over 250,000 is now monetize able. [ “We make money when you watch our content.”] If you make a video, and someone makes a video about your video, and someone uses the video you made, people can click on your channel name and go to your video, if you have made a channel, and you don’t watch your videos, you don’t monetize, you don’t have the ad revenue, we pay you. We are a team of over 150 full time people, and over 30 part time people, working on the idea of this project. We are a team of partners and freelancers, a family of partners and independent creators, that are making a lot of money from YouTube. YouTube is now recognizing all the independent creators, the local businesses, the local business owners, the individuals with their own YouTube channels. The reason that this is possible is because of live events. They are putting out videos from live events, and, that's how they are making money, from live events. It's putting out events, like the Grammys, like the Super Bowl, the Olympics. That's how they are making money from YouTube, so, in theory, we can do the same. We have the same team of people, we have the same resources, we are using the same technology, we are using the same platform. The only thing we can't do is, we can't go live, we can’t have a live event, and we are not stopping our growth because of that. Now we have great partners in Europe




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Fantasticele Inventii Ale Lui Nikola Tesla Pdf Download yudepan

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